Best Massage for Back Pain Relief: Traveler’s Guide [Explained]

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or the occasional strain in your back, untreated back pain can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and even debilitating.

Depending upon how long you have suffered from this issue, you may have sought out a number of different treatment methods – including massage therapy.

But is massage effective for pain relief? Will massage therapy really provide a solution to long term back pain?

Before those questions can be answered, it’s important to discover the most common causes of back pain that could leave you at risk for long term strain or injury. Back pain is most often caused by:

  • Improper/heavy lifting
  • A sudden, unnatural movement
  • Strained ligaments and muscles over time

In many cases, long term back pain could be the sign of a deeper issue, like a ruptured disc, arthritis, or even sciatica – a condition where a bulging disc presses on the main nerve in your leg to cause sharp pain.

After you have seen your doctor to determine the cause of your back pain, massage therapy may be his number one recommendation to balance and relieve pain in your lower and upper back.

Even if you struggle from mild to moderate back pain from time to time caused by sitting at your desk day after day, massage can still be beneficial to relieve pressure on strained muscles that are causing discomfort.

Massage for Back Pain Benefits

Massage isn’t just for pampering. In a including massage therapy conducted on over 400 adults who suffered from moderate to severe lower back pain, researchers explored whether massage therapy really could provide long term relief to these issues.

The participants in the study underwent weekly full body massages for relaxation, weekly massages focused on specific treatment areas, or other treatment methods. Other treatment methods …

All about Perth

I headed from Melbourne over to Perth, which surprisingly is often missed by travellers and holiday makers but I love the place! There are fabulous beaches and the water in the Indian Ocean is a beautiful blue, with excellent waves.

Perth is pretty small, the first day I arrived I some how managed to keep getting lost and ending up in the middle of no where with nothing around! Perth is very laid back but can’t be a bit expensive which is probably due to the mining boom which has made Perth Australia’s richest state.

The city has something for everyone and there are plenty of smaller towns within half an hour from Perth that have beaches as Perth its self doesn’t. Perth also has some stunning islands surrounding it with loads of wildlife including strange animals that aren’t found anywhere else, seals, penguins, loads of bird life and reptiles.

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Perth is basically far from everywhere else, there are a few amazing rock formations around like Wave Rock (you guessed it, it looks like a wave but it’s a rock) and the Pinnacles which are basically giant bits of pointy rock out in the middle of the desert. It all looks amazing on photos but it’s a four hour drive to see a bit of rock. Saying that I still want to go!

Perth has plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars of all variety to keep you entertained, plus some excellent outdoor activities and sight seeing. In many …